Tennis, a play requiring muscular exertion, and at which a ball is driven, by means of a racket.

This game is of French origin, and was introduced into Britain in the 17th century: it is performed in a long court, denominated a tennis-court, across which a net is suspended : through the latter, the ball is stricken by a racket ; and, accordingly as it is driven into certain galleries, the game is lost or won.

Tennis is played by sets, each of which comprehends six games; but, if an advantage-set be proposed, 7 successive games must be obtained, by one or other party. - As, however, our limits will not permit us to enter into particulars, the inquisitive reader may consult Mr. Hoyle's "Games Improved" by Mr. Beaufort (12mo. 3s.), in which the rules of tennis are fully explained.