Woundwort, or Stachys, L.. a genus of plants consisting of 22 species ; 4 being indigenous ; of which the following are the principal.

1. The palustris, or Marsh Woundwort. See Clown's Allheal.

2. The sylvatica, or Hedge-nettle Woundwort, is perennial ; grows in hedges and woods, where it flowers in the months of July and August. - The whole of this plant possesses a fetid smell ; and under its shade, toads are said to retreat for shelter. A yellow dye is obtained from its leaves and branches. It is eaten by sheep and goats ; but refused by horses, cows, and hogs. - Bechstein observes, that the stalks of the Hedge-nettle Woundwort, when managed in the manner similar to that pursued with hemp, afford a woolly substance, which may be spun into yarn; and, on bleaching it, becomes remarkably white.