Christ: The Prince Of Peace

Adorations and obeisance to Jesus, the Christ, the Divine Messenger of love, goodwill and peace!

Blessed indeed is mankind that it still cherishes and honours devotedly the hallowed memory of this great Light that descended upon and illumined our earth nearly two thousand years ago. So long as the people keep alive in their hearts the great ideal of Divine Life as lived by Jesus, and so long as they heed His message of goodness, humility, purity, harmlessness and true, motiveless love for all beings, till then are assured unto them happiness, prosperity, welfare, security, peace and goodwill.

A firm living faith as well as a willing adherence to Christ's Gospel of Love and Compassion do indeed form the only real basis of happiness here and hereafter, and of abiding peace to mankind. The Christ-life of humility, silent endurance, utter simplicity, purity, all embracing love and deep prayerfulness are the unfailing guarantee for the resurrection of man from his present state of "civilised" barbarity into which he has plunged headlong during the recent years.

O Man! Fried as thou art in the flames of hatred, fear, greed, jealousy, anger, enmity and mutual destruction, perishing in the fierce furnace of deluded, materialistic life, turn away now and resolve to abandon, on this sacred occasion, all these satanic elements. Heal and cool thyself in the stream of Divine Life that flows from the sacred feet of the Fountain Divine, Lord Jesus. Fill thyself with the Light of Divine Joy. Be refreshed in the living waters of the Christ Consciousness.

Christ is the Prince of Peace. All things conducive to the creation of Peace, individual as well as universal, comprise indeed the true allegiance to this Divine King of kings. Any thought, act, word or course of conduct that disturbs the state of peace, verily implies the denial of the Lord's Grace Incarnate, a disowning of our link with this embodiment of Divinity.

On this sacred occasion of Christmas, let all awaken within their bosom a consciousness of the Christ Ideal and determine to live henceforth the true Divine Life as preached by Jesus in His famous Sermon on the Mount. In that unforgettable divine message, the Great Jesus has given to you all the pattern for the ideal life upon earth, a pattern which if followed will, without fail, lift you from the gross life to a transcendental Divine Life in the Spirit. You find here the highest Vedanta presented in the simplest of words, "Love thy neighbour as thyself."

The teaching of Jesus is applicable to followers of all Faiths. His was not a pharisaical doctrine. His doctrine of the Kingdom of Heaven was a call for a complete change and utter cleansing of the earthly life. Christianity can flourish only in the spirit of give and take. A Christian should be as humble and as tolerant as Jesus. Only then would he appeal to the followers of other religions.

May the blessings of Lord Jesus be upon you all!