Awaken Jesus In You And Follow Him

Crores of prostrations to the Lord Jesus, the Beloved Son of God, the Supreme King of kings, the Divine Ruler of the hearts of mankind.

Lord Jesus came into this earth to re-establish the Kingdom of God within the heart of man. Deliverance from sin, from ignorance and delusion, from misery and disease, He brought within your easy reach—if only you grasped it.

Faith is the hand that can grasp it, grasp His Radiant Feet—and what are His feet but Love and Forgiveness.

Faith, faith is what mankind lacks woefully today. Worse still, mankind has lost faith in the divine realities, and unfortunately pins its faith on the unreal shadow that looms large over its head. Man believes the unreal to be real and doubts the real! That is the work of Maya, Satan.

The simple fishermen of Galilee have set a shining example before us. What did they do when their faith was shaken and the ship was tossed about by the storm? They awakened Jesus and He prayed to the Lord for help.

Surely that is what we must do on this Christmas Day, when the ship of humanity is tossed about by the storm of evil. Take refuge in Lord Jesus. Awaken Him within you. Awaken the Christ-consciousness within you. Yes, He will say: "O ye of little faith, were you afraid?" He will stop the surging waves of destruction, and command the storm of evil to cease. And your faith in Him will be restored, too.

Restore to the soul, faith in its oneness with God—"I and my Father are one," said the Lord. This realisation is the key to perennial peace and eternal bliss.

Restore to the mind faith in the glory of righteousness. Sin is manufactured in the mind; the external organs are only the channels of distribution for this sin. Lord Jesus again and again called upon man to be clean inside. Light the lamp of righteousness in your mind; then you will radiate goodness in all your actions. Be good first; then you will do good.

Restore to the heart faith in the Lord's Love and Mercy. How merciful and loving is the Lord that He renounces His Divine Abode and takes birth here amongst mortals, in this physical place of pain and suffering, in order to bring comfort and solace to man! "Be ye perfect even as the Father in Heaven is Perfect." Let this love and this Mercy guide your actions. Open your heart, with faith in Lord Jesus, so that he might cast out the devil from your heart—the devil of selfishness, the devil of egoism, the devil of lust, anger and greed.

O Man! Wake up now. There stands the Lord in all his divine Majesty and says: "Follow Me." Take up the cross and follow Him. Be ready to sacrifice everything in order to do His Word. Thus would you earn the Kingdom of Heaven. Thus would you reap the richest harvest of Immortality and Eternal Bliss; and the world inhabited by such followers of Lord Jesus will be the Abode of Peace, Plenty and prosperity.

May the choicest blessings of the Saviour be upon you all, this joyous Christmas!