"Eventually it will be possible to telephone completely around the globe. You may sit in one booth and speak into a receiver, while another man sits in the next booth and waits for your words.

"Your voice will go to San Francisco, say, by wire. It will leap the Pacific through the air and be returned to another wire. It will cross Europe by wire, then span the Atlantic through the ether and return to another wire here in New York, which will lead it to your friend a few feet away."

This prediction by the wireless expert, Bancroft Gherardi, engineer of the American Telephone and Telegraph Company's New York plant, amazing as it is, will, without doubt, be fulfilled when the world war is over.

How will this be accomplished? On precisely the same principle as the voice is carried by telephone to the next room to us or only a few miles away.

When we talk by telephone to people at a distance our voices are not transmitted over the wire as sound, without the aid of any other medium. The human voice merely sets in motion a series of vibrations which cause it to be exactly reproduced at the other end of the wire. No sound whatever passes over the wire, yet you hear the voice of the person to whom you are speaking almost as distinctly as though you were both in the same room.

The vibrations set in motion by the voice causes the particles in the wire to start vibrations into the ether which the wire directs and protects from being lost, but wireless telegraphy has shown us that these vibrations are not dependent upon wire. These are ethereal vibrations.

We are only beginning to realize that, in a similar way, our thoughts start vibrations which are transmitted to our friends, and also to our enemies or those antagonistic to us. We have all had experience in receiving from dear ones love vibrations which have been transmitted to us through space. We have also received, felt flowing in on us, discordant vibra tions which originated in the hatred, the envy, or the jealousy of others.

Through wireless connection, scientists on land can explode a torpedo away out at sea. So we can send our thoughts, good thoughts or vicious thoughts, out into the universal ether to bless or curse both ourselves and others. Although they may be far away from us, we can make other people very miserable, or we can make them happy. We, in turn, unless very firmly centered in God - rendered immune by Divine Love - are seriously affected by other minds.

We live in the midst of all sorts of currents and cross-currents of other people's thoughts, and every time we fear, or worry, or doubt, or hate, we make connection with the currents of the fears, the worries, the doubts, the hatreds of others, which then flow in upon us and add to our misery.

On the other hand, when our thought connects us with the love current; when we send out vibrations of courage, of faith, of love, we are reinforced by similar vibrations flowing in on us from every side.

Vibration is inseparable from life. Almost everything in life can be accounted for by its rate of vibration. For example, all shades of color are due to different rates of vibration of the ether upon our optic nerve. Without this vibration there would be no such thing as color. The same thing is true of sound. Musical sounds, all sounds of every kind, are due to different rates of vibration which impinge upon the auditory nerve, each rate of vibration arousing a different sensation in the brain.

Every atom in the universe is in a vibratory state, is forever revolving around some center. The moon revolves around the earth, the earth revolves around the sun at an inconceivable speed, and the sun is whirling around an infinitely greater orbit at a speed which staggers the imagination, while every atom and every electron in all these bodies is revolving around its own little individual center.

The sun's heat, which sustains our earth life, is simply vibration. It would be absurd to suppose that the sun could transmit heat ninety-three millions of miles. What we call heat is a form of energy vibration. The sun gives the initial impulse, no one knows how, to some sort of energy which is transmitted to the earth by vibration.

Every life is vibratory movement, and the quality of our lives is determined by the quality and the rate of our vibrations. Harmonious vibrations mean health, happiness, efficiency, success. Discordant vibrations mean strangulation, discord, thwarted ambition, a wrecked career.

If we live in the midst of discordant vibrations which are antagonistic to one another, life will be whittled away at a terrific rate. If, on the other hand, we keep ourselves in tune with the infinite harmonies, we shall preserve the harmonious action of our brain, our nerves, our mental and physical being, and this harmony will heal, will increase our power, our success, and our happiness.

We are consciously or unconsciously continually being acted upon by vibrations from within and without. Every person we meet, everything we hear or read, our environment, every act, every hidden motive, every thought, every mood, every emotion, starts vibrations which play through the billions of cells in our body, and the influence exactly corresponds to the quality of the impetus which set up the vibration.

How little we realize that every bit of passion, every excited state of mind, every discouraged or despondent thought, all vibrations of anger, hatred, revenge, jealousy, avarice, or any sort of meanness, will be recorded with scientific accuracy not only in the warp and woof of our character, but also in the fiber of our physical being. Similarly, if you send a current of hope, of love, of joy, of generosity, of nobility, down through the nervous system, it will never stop until it has set every cell in your body into the same sort of vibration, stamping hope and joy and generosity and nobleness on every tissue of the body and every faculty of the mind. Every nerve, every atom in your body will take on the character and the quality of the thought, motive or mood which set it in motion.