How many incipient diseases and disease tendencies are started in the different organs of the body by vicious vibrations which have been set in motion by the wireless mental organization!

Vibrations started by your tubercular fears, by your cancer horror, by your fear of any disease, will reproduce themselves in the tissues of your system.

It is well known that pessimists are never in as good health as optimists. Pessimistic vibrations are destroyers. Your fear thought of disease sets in motion discordant vibrations which correspond with your thought. Hope and expectancy start constructive vibrations, while fear and doubt start destructive vibrations. Harmonious vibrations are always building for harmony and wholesomeness; the discordant vibrations for just the opposite.

Every human being makes his own world by his thoughts. The vibrations we start determine what sort of a world it shall be. Two people who belong to the same family, live under the same roof, under the same influences, may be farther apart than the poles of the earth. No two people in the same environment live in the same world, because their thoughts, their motives, their emotions, their acts, connect them with their affinity currents. One of them may live in the current of reality, truth, love and helpfulness, while the other may live in the vilest current of thought, be cause his own thinking connects him with other minds on this same plane.

Similarly, a coarse, sensual mind is constantly making connections with like minds until thought currents make an irresistible force to drag him down to lower and lower depths.

A community is often shocked at the rapidity with which a wayward girl - a girl who has been well reared - goes to her utter ruin. It doesn't seem possible that any human being who had had any kind of moral training could deteriorate so rapidly as some girls do when they begin to go wrong. The reason is, they begin to make mental connection with those who are steeped in vileness. In other words, their own little diverted thought stream is reinforced by the great current of impurity with which they make wireless connection.

In a similar way, the youth who begins to fall away from right standards by dwelling upon the criminal thought, the criminal act, contemplating these things, makes connections with the criminal thought currents, and before he realizes it he is swept off his feet and commits a crime. Then he becomes one of the criminal class.

We are in the habit of thinking of ourselves as alone, as individual units, but we are really connected with all other minds which have the same rate of vibration as ours. We form part of an unseen, vibrating current, and we are constantly increasing the strength of this wireless current by making connections with whoever or whatever has the same mental or moral vibration with ourselves.

When we are in tune with the Infinite we feel tremendously reinforced by the mighty momentum of all that is good and pure and clean and true. We feel sustained, buttressed and supported, because we are in wireless connection with everything that is like God; that is, we are in tune with Him. But when we make a wireless connection with the devil or whatever typifies evil, we relate ourselves to all the forces of evil, we are in a downward current that every moment gathers momentum to drag us down.

What a wonderful help it would be in our educational training and character building if the invisible currents, radiating from other minds with which we make connection, could be made visible, like a panorama or picture, before our eyes! How mortified some of us would be if we could see in picture form the miserable, ugly, vile currents with which we make connections! Seen openly, how repulsive they would be to us! But because they are invisible and others cannot see the vile guests which we harbor in our minds, we do not try to keep them out. If everybody we meet could see what the mental currents which we invite, because we are in tune with them, bring into our minds; if we could see, and others could see, the kind of people with whom we make wireless connection because of our thought affinity, most of us would shudder at the shock.

One of the greatest problems in wireless telegraphy is the shutting out of conflicting currents, making the instrument immune to everything which doesn't vibrate with the message which the operator wishes to receive.

Our problem also is to shut out conflicting currents, and to keep our human instrument in tune with the message we wish to receive. If the wireless operator's instrument were left open to conflicting currents, he would not get the SOS message from the ship in distress. So we, if we would get, clear and distinct, the message the Creator intends for us, must make ourselves immune to all of the conflicting currents which are constantly bombarding our mentality. We must shut out the vicious currents, the worry currents, the jealous currents, the selfish, the fear currents, the hatred and revenge currents. If we want to receive the divine message, the love thought currents, vibrations that will build, that will inspire, that will encourage, vibrations which will help us to achieve the things worth while, which, will enable us to be what we long to be, we must shut out all thoughts, all vibrations that tear down, that blacken and defile the mind, that weaken and handicap both mind and body.

What sort of vibrations are you now sending out - harmonious or discordant? Are you sending out hate vibrations; lustful, sensual vibrations; selfish, greed vibrations; envious, jealous vibrations; or are you radiating an atmosphere of hope, joy, and gladness? Are you radiating sunshine or black shadows? Are you sending out harmonious and happy vibrations, vibrations of expectancy of better things, vibrations of encouragement, or are you send ing out vibrations which will arouse discord, pain, doubt, fear and worry?