Remember that whatever you send out will come back to you in kind. If you are not attuned to the highest and the best in you; if your wireless instrument is attuned instead to discord, you will take off all of the discordant cross-currents that are floating in the boundless sea of thought. You will thus blacken and cripple other lives as well as your own, for since every thought vibration makes wireless connection with others like itself, your vibration goes on repeating itself, and never ceases until it has visited and affected numberless other minds.

No man lives to himself alone. We cannot even think without affecting others, either for good or ill. How important it is, then, to start only vibrations which will have a beneficent influence.

Everyone can direct and control his thought currents. He can send out and draw to himself whatever manner of thought he wills. No one is at the mercy of his thought. No one need be a victim of the distressing, discouraging thought currents and cross-currents which are flying in every direction from other minds.

If you will, you can get yourself in tune with your Infinite Source; in tune with truth, with beauty, with love, with helpfulness, with kindness, in tune with everything that is unselfish, uplifting, clean and true. You can, if you will, learn to cut out all harmful vibrations, all destructive, conflicting thoughts and imaginings, and make yourself immune to them.

In other words, it is possible for all who will take the trouble to get in tune with the highest thing in them to live in life's paradise instead of its hades most of the time, as so many of us do.

The churches use sacred music as a sort of tuning-up process for worshipers, to prepare the mind for sacred things, sensitizing it so that it may be more impressionable, more sensitive to the lessons from the pulpit. When the soul is wrought up with music there is a wireless connection between it and its Author - the; great Author of harmony and rhythmical laws - the Author of all law, of all creation.

If the worshipers who throng the churches on Sundays would keep their minds tuned throughout the week to the same harmonious key on which the sacred music starts them at the Sunday morning service, what a happy place this world would be! Whether we go to church or not, if each of us would resolve every morning that every thought, every emotion, every motive, every mental attitude for the day should be wholesome, helpful, uplifting, what a wonderful revolution it would make in our lives!

Living as a fine art is really living in harmony with ourselves and with others. It consists largely in keeping one's nature in tune with eternal Principle, in tune with Infinite Love. Here is where our strength lies - in our conscious union with our Source. This is the secret of all power, poise and harmony.

When we bring our personal vibration, our mental atmosphere, into harmony with our higher self, when our vibrations are in tune with the Infinite, so that we feel one with the One, we shall take on infinite power; we shall feel the thrill of divine energy flowing through every atom of our being.

How shall we do this? By getting the right keynote for the day the first thing when we awake in the morning.

You know how a singer gets his keynote. He uses a tuning-fork or strikes a key on an organ or piano in order to key the voice and the instrument to the right keynote, so that their vibrations will harmonize, instead of conflicting with each other and making discord.

Now, in a similar way, when we wish to get our minds in tune with the Infinite Instrument, we must use certain mental tuning-forks which will tend to give like vibrations, vibrations that will harmonize.

The greatest of these tuning-forks is love. No other will so quickly bring the vibrations of the human heart into unison with the Infinite's pulsations. Love keys the mind to peace, poise, truth, beauty, purity, unselfishness, honesty, justice - all that harmonizes with divine principles.

The heart attuned to love, filled to overflowing with love of God and man, has no room for bitterness, malice, pettiness or meanness of any sort. Where the love thought is dominant, there are no discordant vibrations. It would be impossible, because love is the su preme harmonizer, the great peacemaker. The love vibrations are healing balm for all that blights happiness or produces discontent. They neutralize all selfishness, envy, jealousy, hatred, all of the brutal, baser passions and propensities.

When we open our minds to the inflow of divine love, we will have no difficulty in keeping our minds in harmony with the best thing in us. Then we are in tune with the Infinite and make connections with all the peaceful, happy currents from other peaceful, happy minds, and so multiply our strength and efficiency. For harmony is strength and efficiency.

Eastern philosophers have a beautiful custom which they call orienting themselves. When they rise in the morning they turn their faces toward the sun, raise their thoughts to the Supreme Being, and open every avenue of their minds to the beauty of love, of truth, and of all the divine influences.

At the very moment of waking they shut out from their minds every sordid thought, every selfish thought, everything that would conflict with their orientation. Nothing is suf fered to clog the mental and spiritual avenues, and they get the full benefit of the flood of divine influences which flow in upon them.

In this way they prepare themselves for the day, put themselves in tune for the daily routine, the particular spiritual work, the spiritual contemplation or meditation which follows the "orientation," and for all the life of the day.

Here is an excellent suggestion for finding the keynote of your day. When you get up in the morning turn your face toward the sun. Imagine it as a symbol of divine love. Think of the sun as one of the great marvels of the Creator, given you to bring light, health, joy and beauty into your life. Breathe deeply and take in deep draughts of beauty, of love, and of truth. Make this a daily habit and you will be surprised to see how the beauty of it will grow on you, and how quickly this daily uplifting of your spirit will tend to purify and refreshen, renew and recreate your whole nature.

You may adopt any method you choose of directing and controlling your mental vibrations. But once you acquire the habit of getting your wireless instrument in tune daily to receive the vibrations of Divine Love, the vibrations that help, encourage, uplift, your body will grow stronger, your mind will expand, and your whole life will blossom out into beauty and power.