Some years ago a box system was introduced among the churches of the General Synod of the Lutheran church. It consisted of a neat little box with an opening, into which a regular offering was to be placed each Sabbath morning. The boxes were returned quarterly to the pastor or committee, and the contents given consecutively to Foreign Missions, Home Missions, Church Extension and Beneficiary Education. After removing the contents, the opening in the bottom of the box was again sealed and returned to the owner, whose name was indicated by the number of the box. They were neatly gotten up, adorned with appropriate Scripture passages, and for a few years did efficient service.

Contribution Boxes At The Church Door

In some churches contribution boxes are put up in conspicuous places, at the end of each aisle, or at the church door. These are for contributions to special objects, which are designated upon a card tacked in the front of each pew, or stated from the pulpit before dismissing the congregation. This plan is more generally used by congregations where large numbers of strangers congregate for worship each Sabbath, as at Spurgeon's church, in London, England, and others in this country. These boxes are used generally in connection with the regular basket collections.