1.   Collect in the first week for each month, at the rate of one cent a day. and mark the amount paid in the proper column.

2.   If any one wishes to give more than at the rate of one cent a clay, make a memorandum of such additional sums on the page provided for them, and place the total amount of these sums for the month on the line marked Miscellaneous.

3.   If for any reason it is necessary to receive for more than one month in advance, mark the amount paid in the column of the month for which you are collecting, and cross the columns of the succeeding full months paid for, thus -. Any balance less than a full month, credit to Miscelloneous, the same as with sums over the foundation rate.

4.   Enclose the total amount in the printed envelope, and return to the treasurer monthly at such time and place as he shall direct, with such written remarks as may be needed for his information.

(collector's card.)

Directions To Collectors 23Directions To Collectors 24

Reverse Side Of Collector's Card.

Collector's Memorandum of Miscellaneous Gifts.

Directions To Collectors 25

Form Of Envelope For Collectors.

Directions To Collectors 26

Another Plan.

Rev. Herman S. Cook, pastor of the Lutheran Church of Lyonville, Penn'a, has met with more than ordinary success in raising money for benevolent work. Concerning his method he writes:

"By earnest, patient, personal effort We have introduced a system of contributing to the benevolent agencies of the church which has resulted in greatly developing this important branch of church work. Each member of the church, male or female, old or young, rich or poor, is requested to give something every day to the cause of Christ - a definite sum, if it be but one cent, or more, or less. One or two cents a day are much more easily and readily paid than $3.65 or $7.30 a year, and daily blessings call for a daily thank offering to God. On the first Sunday of every month the contributions for the month just closed are handed in in envelopes, sealed, numbered and dated, and a complete record kept of the contributions of each member In this way almost every member is reached, and contributes frequently, regularly, deliberately, and we trust prayerfully, as the Lord has prospered him or her. Before this system was introduced the contributions of the Lyonville congregation aggregated from $100 to $150 a year. The system has now been in operation almost two years, and during the last twelve months has resulted in an average contribution of $24.60 per month, an aggregate of $295.37 for the year, an average annual contribution of $3.28 per member. This in a country congregation of ninety members, of only average wealth, at a time when their home expenses were largely increased by extensive repairs to their church, and they had also during the year liberally contributed to the endow-ment fund of Pennsylvania College.

"We believe this system to be one of the very best, and sufficiently flexible to be adapted to any people under any circumstances."