During the past few years a system has been in successful operation in many of the Presbyterian congregations, which is known as the Foundation-Fund Plan. - The plan is this: (a.) Each communicant who is willing to contribute at least a cent a day, each day in the year, is enrolled and called upon monthly; also, all attendants, who are not members, and children. (b.) The congregation is districted, and fifteen contributors assigned to each collector. (c.) The collectors, who are usually the Christian women of the church, act under the direction of the pastor, or a special treasurer appointed by the session, and collect, report and pay over the money monthly. (d.) The total amount collected is apportioned to the various boards by the session. (e.) The regular stated collections on the Sabbath are taken up as usual, thus affording an opportunity to all who are able to contribute more than at the "foundation rate" of one cent a day.

The plan has some special advantages: (a.) It reaches every communicant. It is not, however, asked as a tax, but as a means of constant exercise in the grace of giving. (b.) It secures in each congregation mutual acquaintance and visitation, and brings to notice worthy cases of want or sickness. (c.) It secures a large increase of benevolent funds, and keeps the people constantly in sympathy with the great agencies of the church. (d.) It is flexible, being capable of a change in the definite amount contributed daily, the mode of collecting and the reception of extra offerings by the collectors, without disturbing the principle which lays at the foundation of the plan. This plan needs an efficient person to supervise and instruct the collectors, and one who will devote to it the time and perseverance necessary to render any plan a decided success.