One-Red-Star Rifle Light


The case is usually made of a very cheap cardboard, such as Bogus 0.013. The inside diameter of the case is 1 1/2 inches and the height 1 1/2 inches. This case is similar in its manufacture to the case previously described.

Composition And Loading Operation

The composition of the one-red-star rifle light consists of -


Potassium chlorate ..................


Strontium carbonate ...................


Orange shellac ................


Ramming charge in light case.

Fig. 160. - Ramming charge in light case.

This mixture is made up in batches of 72 pounds of potassium chlorate, 15 pounds of strontium carbonate, and 12 pounds of powdered orange shellac. The customary method of hand mixing and hand screening through a 12-mesh sieve is used to insure uniformity of the mixture. The loading is done by hand. The operator fills the case to the brim with the composition and tamps it firmly into place by means of a mallet and wooden tool, repeating the operation until the case is completely filled. The orange shellac in this composition has a sufficient amount of moisture content to amalgamate the mass, which later on drying sets firmly. When drying is partially complete the composition is given a coating of wet prime which is painted over each end. It is to be noted here that the case is a cylinder open at both ends, which permits the application of the wet prime as stated. Figures 162 and 163 show the operation of loading.

Red star light case.

Fig. 161. - Red-star light case.


A felt wad 1 3/4 inches in diameter and 3/8 inch in thickness is now placed on top of the light which has been placed in the container. On top of this felt disk is placed a cork wild of the same diameter and 3/8 inch thick.

Tin Identification Cap

This is a stamped-tin disk with eight prongs which are forced into the cork wad. It is painted, and by its form designates the color and number of lights. With the ond-red-star rifle light the cap is stamped with graduated concentric rings, the innermost ring protruding and having one small projection like a wart expanded on its rim.

Blank Cartridge

There is a 30-caliber blank cartridge with a reduced load attached to the outside of the case for the purpose of discharging the light from the rifle fixture. This is the kind of cartridge that has been previously described in connection with the discharging of the parachute rifle light. A small strip of 20-pound manila paper, 1 1/2 by 1 1/2 inches, is placed around the cartridge to protect it from the adhesive-tape binder holding it to the tin case. The adhesive-tape binder is a strip of electrician's tape, 1/2-inch wide by 8 inches.long.

Filling red star light case.

Fig. 162. - Filling red-star light case.


An operator gives the tin identification cap a coat of paint designating the color of the star.

Charging red star light case.

Fig. 163. - Charging red-star light case.

Packing Carton

The packing carton is a corrugated strawboard carton with corrugated strawboard dividing strips, the carton being 4 1/4 by 5 by 6 1/4 inches to accommodate six lights. It is closed and sealed with gum paper and then dipped, five cartons on a tray being dipped at the same time in molten low-grade paraffin.

Shipping Carton

This is a container used to hold the packed cartons and is made of corrugated paper, measuring 6 by 6 3/4 by 23 inches. Five packing cartons are contained in this package, which is sealed with gum paper properly labeled and then dipped into molten crude paraffin. It may be noted here that for use this crude paraffin is better than the refined paraffin by reason of the fact that the crude article contains as an impurity a certain amount of petrol, which gives to the paraffin an adhesive quality not obtained in the refined product.