Three-Red-Star Rifle Light


This case is made of black hardware or Kraft paper 11/16-inch inside diameter and 1 5/8 inches high.

Composition And Loading

The composition of the three-red-star rifle light consists of -



Potassium chlorate..................


Strontium carbonate...............


Orange shellac......................


This is identically the same composition as is used in the one-red-star light, the batches being made of 72 pounds of potassium chlorate, 15 pounds of strontium carbonate, and 12 pounds of powdered orange shellac. The loading operation is identical with that described in. the one-red light and consists of filling the case and tamping by hand.


Before the composition is tamped into the case a 4 1/4-inch match is threaded through the case from top to bottom and bent over the edges, the match lying snugly along one side of the case. The composition when tamped into place holds this match firmly in position.


The wad of this case is the same as that used in the one-red-star light and consists of a felt disk 1 3/4 inches in diameter and 3/8 inch in thickness.

Cork Wad

A cork wad of the same diameter 5/16 inch in thickness is placed on top of the felt wad, as is done in the assembly of the one-red-star light.


The prescribed candlepower for the three-star light is from 300 to 400.

Burning Time

The burning time of these lights should be from five to six seconds.

Tin Identification Cap

The shape and size of this tin identification cap have been described in detail under the heading of "One-Bed-Star Light," with the exception that the cap for the three-star light has three small warts or projections expanded on its rim.

Blank Cartridge

The same blank cartridge is used to discharge these lights as has been described under the one-red-star light. The assembly and painting are similar to those of the one-star light as are also the packing carton and shipping carton.

Six-Red-Star Rifle Light


The case for these lights is made of similar material, namely, black hardware paper, as previously described in the one-red-star light, the diameter of the case being 11/16 inch and the height of the case being 3/4 inch.

Composition And Loading Operation

The composition as well as the loading operation is identically the same in making up the stars for the six-red-star light, as previously described under the one-red-star light.


The same kind of quick match is used for these lights as for the three-red-star light. The match, however, is cut 2 1/4 inches long and is threaded through the case and held in position by the packing in of the composition as previously described.


The prescribed candlepower for the six-star light is from 180 to 250.

Burning Time

The burning period is from 4 to 6 seconds.

Wads And Identification Cap

The wad and cork wad are the same as previously described. The tin identification cap, also, is the same, with the exception that there are six small warts or projections expanded on the rim of this cap.

Blank Cartridge

The blank cartridge is similar to that used for the one-red-star light and the three-red-star lights, and is assembled in the same maimer.

Painting Of The Cap

The painting of the cap is the same for all of the red lights.

Packing Carton

The packing carton, as well as the shipping carton, is the same as in the previously described red lights.