While it is not wise to disarrange the regular routine of a household on account of the arrival of a guest, a reasonable time should be devoted to the entertainment of the visitor. Receptions, excursions, etc., may be provided for, the places of note in the vicinity shown, and pleasant acquaintences visited or invited to call. The guest, on departure, should be accompanied to cars or boat, and cordially taken leave of on the departure of the conveyance.

Ladies or gentlemen of true courtesy will treat with kindness or politeness the servants of the family visited, and may reasonably remember with some gratuity those by whom they have been served. Simple presents may also with propriety be made to the children of the family. Costly or lavish gifts, however, are not in order, and have the ill effect of placing your entertainers under an obligation for which they may not mentally thank you.

Do not outdress the members of the family in which you are a guest, especially in attending an entertainment or place of amusement with them.

Enter heartily into the plans that are made for your entertainment or amusement. You should never permit your host or hostess to feel that he or she has disappointed you while seeking to add to your enjoyment.

Upon returning home after a visit, write immediately to your host or hostess, announcing your safe arrival; and be careful to send kind messages to each member of the family, mentioning all by name.