Do not bore visitors by constantly trying to amuse them. After means of amusement have been provided, let it be optional with them as to whether they avail themselves of these or not. Permit your visitors to enjoy the liberty of solitude and quiet if they prefer. Any apparent effort to entertain is always bad form. The every-day life of a family should not be interfered with by the arrival of guests.

Visitors should conform as much as possible to the habits and customs of the household. They should be moderate in their demands for personal attendance. They should not carry their moods into the drawing-room or to the table, and, whether they are bored or not, should be ready to contribute as much as is in their power to make an atmosphere of pleasure. If the above involves too much self-sacrifice, then an invitation to visit should not be accepted.

In case a lady guest is expected, some gentleman of the family should meet her at the train, or other place of expected arrival, look after her baggage, and make all arrangements requisite to enable her to reach your house without delay or discomfort.