Another occasion incident to married life, is the christening, which next demands consideration at our hands.

When children are to be christened at home, it is rapidly becoming the custom to celebrate such events by giving some sort of a social entertainment, the size or arrangement of which depends upon the taste and circumstances of the parents. If many are to be present, the invitations should be sent out formally, as though for an afternoon reception. The usual hours selected are from 4 until 6 p.m. Upon a small table a silver or china bowl should be placed, which is used as a font. Flowers in abundance are never in bad taste at a christening.

After the clergyman has performed the baptism, a beverage called "caudle" is served in cups to the guests.

Recipe for making Caudle.

This should be made of fine, smooth oatmeal gruel, flavored with wine or rum, lemon peel or nutmeg, and sugar added according to taste. Of course, in the case of a church christening no house-entertainment is called for, and a family party is all that is likely to come together.