The private theatrical provides an entertainment which is daily growing in popularity both in England and our own country. Sometimes a stage is erected in a private house, but more frequently small theatres are engaged, where the performance takes place.

Instruction, or " coaching," is as a rule given to the amateur performers by some professional manager, actor, or actress engaged for the occasion, and is essential if any satisfactory entertainment is hoped for. Rehearsals are equally necessary and must be frequent to insure success.

For tableaux it is better to have the advice and taste of some clever artist, as the beauty and interest of the human pictures depend so largely upon the posing and drapery of the figures, to say nothing of the effect of the lights and the choice of colors.

Entertainments of these kinds may take a considerable variety of forms, and are very pleasant breaks in the monotony of party giving and the other set affairs of ordinary life. The time spent in preparation, however, is likely to be considerable, and the result is often more farcical than the performers intend or understand.