Introducing a Friend.

St. Louis, Mo., fan. 3, 1901. Dear James B. :

This letter will introduce to you my dear friend William White, who is to be in your city for a few days on business and pleasure. I desire him to meet you and trust it will be convenient for you to give him a few moments of your time.

Any attention you give him during his stay in Chicago will be greatly appreciated by Your friend,

Charles F. Jenkins.

Mr. James B. Smith,

141 Wabash Avenue, Chicago.

Short Form of Introduction.

Chicago, III., June 11, 1900. My Dear Sir :

I have the honor of introducing to your acquaintance Mr. Frank Ward, whom I commend to your kind attention.

Very truly yours,

William S. French.

Mr. Benj. F. Strong, Detroit, Mich.