Congratulating a Gentleman Upon His Marriage.

Wilmington, Ohio, Sept. 12, 1900. Dear Frank :

I have just received the welcome message informing me of your new happiness. I hasten to offer you my most sincere congratulations and hearty good wishes. May every year of your married life find you happier than the last, and may Mrs. Cranston find you as loyal a husband as you have been a friend.

From my inmost heart, dear Frank, I say, God bless you and your bride with His choicest blessings.

Ever your friend,

George Maris. Mr. Frank Cranston,

Newport, Del.

Congratulating a Lady Upon Her Marriage.

179 D St., N. W. Washington, D. C, Nov. 4., 1903 Dear Emma :

Your cards have just reached me, and I write at once to try to express my heartfelt pleasure at your happy prospects. It is a great pleasure to your loving friends to be able to feel so much esteem and affection for the gentleman to whom you have confided your life's happiness, and to hope, as I do, that every year will unite your hearts more closely. That Heaven may bless you both, dea. Emma, is the earnest prayer of Your loving

Laura Shipley. Mrs. J. Barrie Brown.