A Letter to a Friend (on the Anniversary of his Birthday.

1917 Green Street ,

Philadelphia, July 3, 190-. My Dear Walter:

Birthdays may be called the milestones in life's journey, and as you reach another of these anniversary land-marks to-day, permit me to congratulate you on having traveled them thus far in safety, and to wish you, with all my heart, many similar opportunities of receiving the good wishes of your friends. That your future years may glide happily away, without care or sorrow, is the sincere prayer of,

Yours most sincerely,

Thomas Meek. To Mr. Walter Dewey, Crestline, Ohio.

Reply to the Above.

Crestline, Ohio, July 10, 190-.

Dear Tom :

Congratulations that come from the heart, as I am sure yours do, are always welcome. I scarcely know, however, whether we ought to be complimented on growing older, unless we grow wiser and better as well. Nevertheless, the custom of receiving the felicitations of one's friends and acquaintances, on having made another step toward the goal, is decidedly an agreeable one, and 1 thank you most cordially for your kind note. Your obliged friend,

Walter Dewey. To Mr. Thomas Meek,

Philadelphia, Pa.