Requesting a Friend to execute a Commission.

Santiago, Cuba,

April 15, 1902. My Dear Emma:

Will you kindly execute the following little commissions for me, as soon as you can make it convenient? Purchase/or me at Macy's the following articles; -- (here state ribbons, muslins, &c., as wanted.) Will you also call at Doubleday's and inquire when Bacheller's new novel will be out, as I am all anxiety to know.

Please give them my address at Macy's, and tell them to pack the parcel carefully and send it by express.

The weather down here is delightful; but I wish I had the pleasure of your company to render it more so. Pray write a line and let me know how soon you can make me a visit, and thus afford me an opportunity to thank you personally for your kindness.

Lois C. Pharnum. To Miss Mary White, No.

Washington Square, New York.

Application for Subscription to a Charity.

Duane Street,

Louisville, Ky.,

January 17, 190-. Sir

I take the liberty of inclosing a prospectus of an institution which is likely to have a most beneficial effect upon the condition of the poor in our neighborhood. (Here state particulars.) On accotmt of your well-known liberality, I trust you will excuse this appeal in furtherance of an act of benevolence, and remain,

Sir, your most obedient servant,

Harry R. Jones. To Pliney Earle, Esq.,


West 18th Street, City.