Letters of Application.

BOY WANTED for Transportation Office; must be good penman; $15 per month. Address, in own handwriting, H, 236 Ledger Office.

Philadelphia, Pa., fan. 3, 1901. H, 236 Ledger Office.


I would respectfully apply for the position advertised in to-day's Ledger. I am fifteen years old, reside with my parents at 79 Jayne Street, Camden, and refer you to Mr. S. L. Thomas, 814 Market Street, this city, from whom I received the enclosed testimonial.

Very truly,

Albert Jenkins.

Application for Position of Salesman and Collector.

100 D St. N. W.

Washington, D. C., March 21, 1901. Messrs. S. H. Smith & Co., Wheeling, W. Va. Gentlemen :

I am recommended by Mr. Frank Stuart to apply to you for the position of salesman and collector, recently occupied by him in your warehouse.

I am twenty-eight years of age, and reside with my father in this city, who will give bonds for me if required. I have had some experience in your line of business, and should be pleased to have a trial with you, if preferable, previous to a permanent engagement. I am at liberty to refer to Messrs. W. H. Fletcher & Co., Lace Curtains, 198 Broadway, New York, also to Messrs. Simpson & Jones, Upholstery Goods, 166 Arch Street, Philadelphia, Pa.

Very respectfully,

Edward Murphy.