Requesting the Settlement of an Account.

Newark, N.J., Dec. 25, 1900. Mr. James Jones,

Burlington, N.J. Dear Sir :

I call your attention to the fact that your account, which I enclose, has not been settled. I am reluctant to press you, but as I have some heavy payments to make in the early part of next month, I must request that you pay the amount before the close of the present month.

Respectfully yours,

John Adams.

A Demand for Payment of Rent.

1409 North Ninth St.,

Philadelphia, Pa. June 5, 1904. Mr. Thomas F. Smith. Dear Sir:

I feel obliged to remind you of the fact that you owe me $120 for three months' rent. You will remember that, according to the agreement, you were to make monthly payments; therefore, if the account is not settled within a week, I shall be obliged to place the matter in the hands of my lawyer for collection, as I cannot allow it to run any longer. Truly yours,

Henry S. Holmes.

Introducing a Young Man Seeking a Position.

Akron, Ohio, June 1, 1900. My Dear Sir :

Recognizing your well-merited and extensive influence in the commercial circles in your city, I beg to introduce to you Charles F. Pogle, who is desirous of obtaining a position with a mercantile house. He is a gentleman of capacity and ability. His character stands A 1, and he is as industrious as he is energetic. He considers New York a better field than this place, and prefers to try his chances there to remaining here. He can refer to me. Trusting that you will lend him a helping hand, I am,            Yours, very truly,

James B. Marvel. Mr. Edward Fetter,

19 Park Row, New York.