It may not be out of place to add here a few good old rules for children's behavior at table which can safely be followed :

Give the child a seat that snail be strictly its own.

Teach it to take its seat quietly.

To use its napkin properly.

To wait patiently to be served.

To answer promptly.

To say " thank you."

If asked to leave the table for a forgotten article, or for any purpose, to do so at once.

Never to interrupt and never to contradict.

Never to make remarks about the food.

Teach the child to keep his plate in order.

Not to handle the bread nor to drop food on the cloth and floor.

To always say " excuse me, please," to the mother when at home, and to the lady or hostess when visiting, if leaving the table before the rest of the party.

To fold its napkin and to put back its chair or push it close to the table before leaving.

And after leaving the table not to return.

Children who observe every one of these rules are well-behaved, delightful companions, and owe it to their mothers's care ful training.