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United States Constitutional Law, III

Constitutional and

Statutory Law

Public Law

State Constitutions, IV

Statutory Construction, V

Public Corporations, XXV

Wrongs Against the Public

Criminal Law, XXX

Criminal Procedure, XXXI


Real Property, XVII

Abstracts, XVIII

Mining Law, XXIX

Personal Property, XIV

Patents, XV

Copyrights, XVI

Wills, XXXII

National or




, With their various subdivisions.

Contracts, VI

Agency, VII

Sales, XI

Bailments, XII

Carriers, XIII

Substantive Law

Partnership, XXIII

Private Law

Private Corporations, XXIV

Bills and Notes, XXVI

Guaranty and Suretyship, XXVII

Insurance, XXVIII


Equity Jurisprudence, XX

Trusts, XXI

Torts, VIII

Domestic Relations,.X

Adjective Law

Common Law Pleading, XXXIV

Equity Pleading, XXII

Code Pleading, XXXV

Federal Procedure, XXXVI

Evidence, XXXVII

Damages, IX

Administration, XXXIII

. Bankruptcy, XXIX

International Law.


Private, XXXIX

Introduction to the Study of Law, I Legal History, II Spanish-American Law, XL Legal Ethics, XLI