The first Congress took steps to supply the absence of a Bill of Rights in the Constitution, by submitting twelve proposed amendments to the states in 1789. Ten of those were ratified by a sufficient number of states, and became the first ten amendments. The decision of the Supreme Court in Chisholm vs. Georgia, to the effect that a State could be sued by a citizen of another State led to the eleventh amendment. The twelfth amendment resulted from the unsatisfactory state of the law governing the election of the President, as shown by the election of 1800.

10 The Constitution was ratified by the different states on the following days and by the following votes:

Delaware, December 6, 1787, unanimously.

Pennsylvania, December 12, 1787, 46-23.

New Jersey, December 18, 1787, unanimously.

Georgia, January 2,1788, unanimously.

Connecticut, January 9, 1788, 128-10.

Massachusetts, February 6, 1788, 187-168.

Maryland, April 28, 1788, 63-11.

South Carolina, May 23, 1788, 149-73.

New Hampshire, June 21,1788. 57-46.

Virginia, June 25, 1788, 89-79.

New York, July 26.1788 30-27