Chapter I

Page 157.

1. Define trusts.

2. Give an outline of the history of uses in England.

Page 158.

1. Give an outline of the provisions of the Statute of Uses.

Page 159.

1. What was the purpose of the Statute of Uses?

Page 160. 1. What was its effect?

Chapter II

Page 161.

1. What parties are there to a trust?

2. Who may be a settlor?

3. Who may be a trustee?

Page 162.

1. Who may be a cestui que trust?

Page 163. 1. What property may be held in trust?

Chapter III

Page 165.

1. Classify trusts.

2. What is an express trust?

Page 166.

1. When will a trust be created by precatory words?

2. What is an implied trust?

Page 167.

1. Classify implied trusts?

2. Define resulting trusts.

3. Give the principle classes of resulting trusts.

Pages 168=180.

1. Define and classify constructive trusts.

Page 181.

1. May resulting and constructive trusts be established by parol?

2. Define active trusts.

3. Define passive trusts.

4. Define executed trusts.

5. Define executory trusts.

Chapter IV

Page 183.

1. What was the Statute of Charitable uses?

Page 184. 1. What are the characteristics of charitable uses?

Page 185. 1. What are the principal purposes for which charitable uses may be created?

Pages 186=191.

1. For what religious purposes may uses be created?

Page 192. 1. For what educational purposes may uses be created?

2. What are the peculiarities in the law governing charitable uses? 3 What is the cy pres doctrine?

Page 193.

1. What is the rule against perpetuities?

Page 194.

1. What is the rule against accumulations?

Chapter V

Page 195.

1. How are trustees appointed?

2. What is the quantity of the estate taken by a trustee?

3. What are the principal duties of the trustee?

Page 196.

1. What degree of care, skill and good will is required from a trustee?

Page 197.

1. When may a trustee delegate his authority?

2. What is the extent of the liability of a trustee for the acts of a co-trustee?

3. What accounts must be rendered by a trustee?

Page 198.

1. When is a trustee entitled to compensation for his services?