Bills in equity are primarily divided into original bills, and bills not original.

Original bills are in turn subdivided into bills praying relief, and bills not praying relief.

Original bills praying for relief may be divided into three classes:

Bills praying the decree or order of the court, touching some right claimed by the party exhibiting the bill, in opposition to some right, real or supposed, claimed by the party against whom the bill is exhibited, or touching some wrong done in violation of the complainant's right, bills of interpleader, and bills of certiorari.

Original bills not praying relief are in turn subdivided into:

Bills to perpetuate testimony. Bills to examine witnesses de bene esse. Bills of discovery. Bills not original are divided into: Interlocutory bills, and Bills in the nature of original bills. Interlocutory bills include:

Supplemental bills and original bills in the nature of supplemental bills. Bills of revivor and original bills in the nature of bills of revivor, and Bills of revivor and supplement. The five classes of bills in the nature of original bills are:

Cross bills.

Bills of review and bills in the nature of bills of review. Bills to impeach a decree on the ground of fraud. Bills to suspend or avoid the operation of decrees, and Bills to carry decrees into execution.