A plea in bar is one which opposes a bill on its merits, and which, if true, will constitute a complete defense to the bill.

Pleas in bar are classified as follows:

(1) Pleas in bar resting on statute.

(a) The statute of limitations.

(b) The statute of frauds.

(c) Any other statute creating a bar.

(2) Pleas in bar founded on matter of record:

(a) A judgment at law in a court of record.

(b) The judgment or decree of a foreign court.

(c) A decree of a court of equity.

(3) Pleas in bar depending on some matters in pais.

(a) A release.

(b) A stated account.

(c) A settled account.

(d) An award.

(e) That the defendant is a purchaser for a valuable consideration.

(f) Title in the defendant.