(1624) Vesiculitis

I am a young man of twenty and since two years ago I have been suffering from vesiculitis-inflammation of the left seminal vesicle.

During the nights, while sleeping;, a strange, thing occurs in my sexual organs, because when I awaken I feel weakened as though I had a seminal emission. However, that emission never takes place. Since that time my general health is nearly ruined, having cracking of bones, aches in my back, and loss of about fifteen pounds of my normal weight. I have entered various kinds of treatments but without any success. Seminal analysis has shown that 99 per cent of my spermatozoa are dead.

The seminal vesicles, shielded by the hip bones, are hard to get at, and often present a serious problem.

Q. 1624. The seminal vesicles, shielded by the hip bones, are hard to get at, and often present a serious problem.

I have to say also that there have never been a case of tuberculosis, cancer or syphilis in my family, and that I have never suffered any venereal infection.

How can I be cured? Is it possible to make an operation to extract this inflamed vesicle, although my left testicle may be paralyzed?

T. R., Puerto Rico.


I am very much afraid that I will not be able to give very much information about: your condition, from the meager details you have related. Sometimes a vesiculitis may come about from a gonorrheal infection, and sometimes it may be the result of some acute (tuberculous) infection. In any case, the services of a specialist who is familiar with the proper treatment of this condition are required. I would sincerely advise you to find such a reputable specialist in your community; as this condition may prove quite serious if not attended to almost at once. I would also advise you to stick the treatment out with the doctor you choose; as it may take quite some time before you will be able to see any results.


(1631) Dreams

Can a man who has been castrated have sexual dreams in any way?

J. A., Indiana.


It is quite possible for castrated individuals of either sex to experience sexual dreams but in individuals who have been castrated before the sex organs have matured, the probability of their experiencing sex dreams is considerably lessened.

The greater portion of the male secretion is from the prostate gland, not the testicles. A sterile man cannot detect the difference.


(1629) Effects of Mumps

I have a testicle which was badly affected by mumps; it is reduced to less than half size, is very tender and at times quite painful. Could it act like a diseased tonsil and cause rheumatism or backache? Can it be cured or brought back to normal? Could it be removed entirely without serious injury; or would this be harmful to a person of middle age?

D. J., Illinois.


A testicle that has been affected by mumps usually atrophies (shrinks) and becomes sterile and useless. It sometimes becomes a focus of infection, by harboring pus, and gives symptoms similar to a diseased tonsil.

There is no way, to my present knowledge, of restoring the function of the testicle once atrophied. Injections of male sex hormone substances have been tried, but with no success.

Removing the testicle by operation would not be a serious matter provided, however, that, it is done by a skilled surgeon, and the rest of the body is in good health. The surgical procedure itself is comparatively simple.

Before one decides to undergo such an operation, it would be well to consult a surgeon who should call a physician, preferably an endocrinologist (a specialist in glandular diseases), into consultation with him. Sometimes it is advisable to remove such a testicle if it gives trouble, especially during the later years of life; as they sometimes become cancerous. There would be no harmful effect as a result of an operation of this kind; neither will it alter or impair the sexual powers in any way.