(1614) Male Physique

I am 27 years old, contemplating marriage, and in good health. However, I would like to ask whether a certain fact would interfere with marital relations? My organ is set at an angle, inclining to the left, when erect.

B. N., California.


There is nothing seriously wrong with the position or angle of your member, nor will it interfere with your sexual function or impair your sex powers; It is quite normal for the organ, when fully extended, to deviate, as it were, t:o the left. If you have further noticed, you probably found that the left testicle is lower than the right; this is due to the fact that the blood circulation favors the left side of the sexual organs.


(1616) Army Life

Having read the article on "Sex Problems of Draftees" in your April issue, I would like to convey to you the ideas of an average man. The suggestions there given seem to me useless: because social separation from respectable women for a few months causes a man to lose respect for the sex, and look upon them from a purely physical standpoint. Only a realization for the need of more normal social existence for service men, by the population among whom they are placed, can alter this attitude.

In addition to this, a recognition of the physical urges of many must be reached. For this purpose, "red light" districts must be supervised by the military and naval medical authorities. This would help, also, to combat local political corruption. I believe this is the opinion of most of my buddies.

Yours for the enlightenment of the majority of the people.

M. K., U. S. Army.


The idea which you bring forward Is a time-tried one, but unfortunately not successful. Military supervision of prostitution was tried by many nations, as has been supervision by the civil authorities. It has been, in the nature of things, destined to defeat itself. Some years ago, in this magazine, there was published a series of articles entitled, "Can Prostitution be Controlled?", and the historical failure analysed.

Even if we omit from consideration the moral standpoint, and this is one on which the American people have rather decided ideas, it must be realized that venereal disease is pandemic in our population; and anything which encourages promiscuity must result in the spread of such disease. Nor has prophylaxis reached a degree of perfection at which it can be relied upon.

Like the need for military forces, withdrawing a large part of the population from normal civil life and its activities, family as well as industrial, this problem finds no ideal solution. However, at this time a very determined effort is being made by the government, and volunteer civic organizations, to meet the the need for innocent recreation on the part of our armed forces, to the extent to which this is possible; and to this all patriotic Americans can heartily


(1630) Prostatic Fluid

I am 23 years old, and masturbated considerably between the ages of 13 and 21. Will you tell me whether it is normal for a person to eject a white fluid while at stool? Would masturbation cause one's blood to become thinner, or thicker; or would it cause body odor? At what age does a man normally become sterile?

Cross section of male body, showing passageways. The seminal vesicles and prostate gland are pressed between the rectum and the bladder, when these are filled.

Q. 1630. Cross-section of male body, showing passageways. The seminal vesicles and prostate gland are pressed between the rectum and the bladder, when these are filled.

C. T., Maine.


The fluid you speak of, which is ejected during a bowel movement, is known as prostatic fluid, because it comes from the prostate gland. The action of the lower bowel sometimes causes the prostate gland to be squeezed;, and this substance is expelled. It is perfectly normal and should not be the cause for alarm. Very often, it happens that normal young men, because of ignorance, think that there is something wrong with them; they are usually exploited by quacks and charlatans who tell them that it is a form of venereal disease, or that they have prostate gland trouble.

The average man probably has "change of life" in his fifties. To some it comes earlier; while some few have fathered children in their eighties, and even nineties!