On Intimate Personal Problems

• Here are six Vital Sex educational books which answer thousands of personal INTIMATE PROBLEMS- topics so tremendously important they're discussed every day. Know the truths about self-abuse-causes of frigidity-reasons for marital unhappiness-who are unsuccessful husbands-what about sex physiques- prevention of venereal diseases! Knowledge gained through these hooks is invaluable-men and women, married or unmarried, must read them. Each book, printed in easy-to-read type, contains over 5,000 words-and fits into pocket or purse. Nowhere have you seen sex book values at this low price.

All Books Written By Physicians

No. 1 -Sex Physique Averages

Most folk are puzzled, when it comes to thorough knowledge of the reproductive organs, and few people seem to have any idea as to normalcy of physical dimensions or otherwise. The present hook gives you a great deal of Information on the subject, as well as other questions allied with it.

No. 2-The Truth About Self-Abuse

If there is one subject that puzzles the average man or woman, it is masturbation. A tremendous amount of misinformation on the subject is in circulation, and many people wear themselves into a frenzy and, often have nervous breakdowns because of pure ignorance about this ancient vice. In the pages of this book you will find the unvarnished truth, and the latest scientific pronouncements that will ease the minds of many people, both male and female, young and old.

No. 3-Unsuccessful Husbands

The matter of "involuntary omissions" is one that occupies the minds of many men who are unable to find marital happiness because of this insufficiency. This book has been devoted to the subject and gives, not only the reasons, but the best scientific advice on how to overcome this deficiency.

No. 4-Unresponsive Wives

The matter of frigidity is one in which there exists considerable misinformation and ignorance. Among laymen, It is almost impossible to find two persons who will agree on the real underlying: causes of frigidity. This book treats the subject from the latest medical viewpoint, and gives Information which ordinarily, cannot be secured.

No. 5-The Truth About Sex Disease Prevention

Now that America has entered upon an open policy of "concern" with regard to venereal disease, the subject of venereal prophylaxis is still a great mystery to the layman. Is there such a thing as Venereal Prophylaxis? Is it effective? What is the latest word of medical science? Is it possible at all for man or woman to protect themselves against venereal disease? All of these questions you will find answered in this most interesting of books.

No. 6-Marriage Mechanics

Most marital unhappiness and 99% of all divorces are caused by the wrong marriage technique. The marital act is not as most people think, instinctive. It must be taught. This book gives points on marital relations.

The illustration shows one of the book covers of the volumes in this series. All books are uniform and measure 3 3/8 x in size. Each book contains over 5,000 words.

The illustration shows one of the book covers of the volumes in this series. All books are uniform and measure 3 3/8 in size. Each book contains over 5,000 words.