FOR years the twin-size bedsheet, 72 inches wide, has been the most popular. Now it appears the trend is running the other way and we are returning to the habits of our ancestors, who for reasons of thrift or warmth, slept double.

-R. H. Macy & Co. post customers on present fashions.

IN war business the usual feminine lot is taxation and death without fair representation. Now, it may be that our actions would not be an improvement on those of men, but they simply couldn't be worse.

-Mrs. Walter Ferguson, Scripps-Howard columnist, blaming militarism as a masculine instinct.

THERE should be no such thing as "soldier's heart" in this war-that affection written down as "D. A. H." or "disordered heart action," popularly interpreted as "desperate affection for home."

-Dr. Louis Bishop tells the N. Y. State Medical Society about "neuro-cirdilatory asthenia" among selectees.

The human being, like animals, is actually bisexual since he has the chemical and physical structure of both sexes. The picture of the true hormonial balance is the balance of the individual.

-Dr. Abraham Myers on to American Psychiatry Assn., saying that less than 20% femininity does not make a "sissy."

SEXUAL selection for ultra-femininity Implies an inhibition of male aggression and the exercise of female choice. Infra-masculine man must be free to mate with ultra-feminine women.

-J. R. de la H. Marett, "Race, Sex and Environment" discussing human evolution.

I saw how little the historical novel of today is like its predecessor of forty odd years ago. Today the amorous hero is not satisfied with a kiss. Nor, may we add. is the amorous lass.

-Harry Hansen, book reviewer, discussing the latest novel of the American Revolution.

One baby I know of last night in London heard the crash of gunfire and the noise of hostile planes. Coming on his first night on earth, the sounds didn't seem to have any effect on him at all. For the baby these sounds will probably be just customary noises, like the sound of the wind in the trees and the surf on the shore.

-Radio Reporter John Mac Vane wonders about the nerves of the next generation.

MODERN women demand analgesia and amnesia during labor. This being an established fact, all physicians doing obstetrics must have a "method of relieving the pain of labor." Advice: pick out a "method"-any method that is good and safe-master its technic and "stick to it."

-Harvey B. Matthews, M.D., in Medical Times.

ALL this talk about the choice for a woman between a career or a family makes me sick. If she has any brains she can have both, especially If she has a knowledge of law.

-Mrs. Agnes M. Mulligan, 76-year-old lawyer and member of the scholarship committee of the New York University School of Law.

GUESSING roughly, I'd say that the average weight of the female star today is higher by about 12 pounds than it was in 1935.

-Travis Ban ton, Hollywood designer, sees a male preference for more weight.

BOTTONG is not a bad lion. He's just in love with the lady tiger who sits across from him. It's spring and he's not himself.

- Trainer Fritz Olson. who had just been clawed by a circus star.

WE wouldn't say we hoped all the mamas in the world would be happy on Mothers Day when we knew our own mother wouldn't be.

- Yvonne Dionne, explaining a Mothers' Day broadcast strike of the Quin-triplets.

WOMEN are a Peacetime Luxury and a Wartime Necessity.

-Mrs. Pat Washington, of the British Women's Auxiliary Service.

BAR rails should be for men only.

-Alderman McDermott of Chicago, proposing an ordinance to protect the sterner sex from female competition.