Very little attention has been paid by previous writers to the effects which the various occupations exert on the maintenance of virility. The importance of this consideration we have just instanced in reference to brain diseases. When mental exertion is so arduous or so long-continued as to lead to some variety of insanity, it is not unfrequently the case that an unnatural sexual excitement accompanies it. Many instances which are supposed to have been induced by solitary vice, in fact have led to and not been caused by this degrading habit.

Many years since, Professor Lallemand, a distinguished physician of Montpelier, remarked that persons accustomed to long-continued exercise on horseback, forfeit their powers early, and are apt to be afflicted with a weakness of the organs, passing sometimes into actual spermatorrhoea.

Those avocations which produce a flow of blood to the lower regions of the body, as by continued walking, or by sitting in cushioned chairs, are also weakening.

So also are those which expose a person for many hours daily to an air impregnated with the odor of tobacco, or the evaporation of spirituous liquors.

Confining occupations are inimical to prolonged virility. A change of climate once every eight or ten years by passing a winter in a southern latitude, is of great benefit to the general health as well as the specific powers. It should bo taken whenever possible.