The suggestions we have to offer here are rendered almost unnecessary by what we have said of its causes. Many of them - all of them, indeed, except the hereditary predisposition - are within the power of the individual to avoid, if he only knows enough to begin in time. The instructions we have previously given in detail about the general hygiene of the passions will apply to those who are threatened by weakness in consequence of excesses, either social or solitary. "When the water or adjacent irritations are to blame, these can promptly be remedied by any intelligent physician ; and when the habits of food or drink are injurious they must be amended.

Even when there is a natural weakness which leads to over frequent losses, very much can be accomplished by cold bathing, regular exercise, an unstimulating diet, and rigid purity. It is safe to say that this is one of those diseases which never occurs in a person who submits his life to thorough hygienic regulations; and it is, therefore, a disease which we hope soon to see almost unknown to the young men of our day.