"While we do not wish to mitigate by one line the dark colors of this picture, we still have a word of consolation which we shall interpolate here. By no means every case of disease runs on to this dire form; constitutions differ exceedingly, and on some the effects of the poison are brief and passing. A hideous phantom haunts some men lest they should have this disease lurking in their system. They watch with terror every swelling and eruption on themselves and their children. None but the observant physician can appreciate what horrors prey upon them. We know the son of a distinguished professor, a young man who lapsed from virtue but once and contracted a mild form of the disease, who became a hopeless lunatic from this constant dread. This is what is called " syphilophobia," and is a by no means infrequent cause of insanity, suicide, and reckless living. The charlatan finds in such a man a ready victim for his extortionate demands. As a rule; these sufferers avoid telling their family physician, and prefer to consult pome distant and unknown adviser. Hence they often fall into the hands of bad men. who play upon their fears, swindle them out of their money, do them no good whatever, and when all else fails to satisfy rapacious demands, levy blackmail, under threat of disclosing their condition. This course of rascality is so common that we warn all our readers against trusting their health, fortune, and reputations with any man, no matter what his claims, of whom they have no better guarantee of his honor ana skill than his own word therefor, and some dozens of fraudulent certificates from unknown parties. In nine cases out of ten all such fears are groundless and unfounded.