The publishers take pleasure in presenting the following testimonials to the practical value and the moral tone of this work:-

From The Rev. John Todd, D.D.,

Author of "The Student's Manual," "Index Berum," etc.

Geo. H. Napheys, M. D.-

Dear Sir : I am surprised at the extent and accuracy of your reading; the judiciousness of your positions and results; the clear, unequivocal, and yet delicate and appropriate language used; and the amount of valuable information conveyed. It is comparatively a new, but very important field, and you have done well. The book cannot fail, I think, to do good - great good - if rightly heeded.

Yours truly,

Jno. Todd.

Pittsfield, Mass., Dec. 26,1870.

From Bishop Levi Scott, D.D.,

Methodist Episcopal Church. "I partake largely of the favorable opinion of Dr. Todd, and wish your work great success."

From The Rev. H. Clay Trumbull,

Missionary Secretary for New England of the American S. S. Union. Dr. Napheys-

My dear Friend : You certainly have a very rare power of writing from a scientific standpoint, with extreme plainness and entire purity, of the most delicate matters that concern us all. I, who know you, accept this as added evidence that "to the pure all things are pure;" and I am indeed glad that you were called to the mission you have performed so well.

Your new work, on " The Transmission of Life," is one that every boy, and every man, every bachelor, parent, or teacher, should have and read, and be grateful for. I have given sufficient study to the ways and needs of boys and young men, to appreciate perhaps more fully than most, the importance of your theme. I have been much instructed by your writings, and I desire others to be benefited thereby.

Your seachings are based on the word of God, and the nature of man; they tend to build up man into the lost image of God, and to restore his body to its primitive beauty and purity, as the temple of the Holy Ghost. I wish I could say what would give your work the very widest circulation, and secure to your views the most general adoption.

Yours sincerely,

H. Clay Trumbull. Hartford, Ct., Feb. 8,1871.

From The Rt. Rev. Thomas March Clark, D.D., Ll.D.,

Protestant Episcopal Bishop of Rhode Island. Geo. H. Napheys, M. D.-

Dear Sir : I have read your work entitled "The Transmission of Life," and I do not hesitate to say that I regard it as a most timely and valuable treatise on an important and delicate subject. I do not see a line to which the most fastidious could object, and I believe that its general circulation among the young would avert a vast amount of misery and sin.

Very truly yours,

Thomas M. Clark. Pbovidknck, R. I., March 16,1871.

From Bishop T. A. Morris, D.D.,

Methodist Episcopal Church.

"The subject of this work is one of intense interest, and the manner of treating it is very proper. Both will command public attention and approval. May the book find a hearty welcome among all the wise and good."

From The Rev. Horace Bushnell, D.D.,

Hartford, Connecticut.

Dr. Napheys-

Dear Sir: I have read your book with great satisfaction. I see it to be a work immensely wanted, and think it will do much good. The subject, as related to family life and the condition of posterity, is a really awful one, and ought to be just as much more awful to young men, as it more deeply concerns their welfare. Give it as great circulation as you can.

Very respectfully yours,

Horace Bushnell.

From The Rev. Leonard Bacon, D.D

New Haven, Connecticut.

"I think you have treated very judiciously a difficult subject. My belief that some such work may be useful is derived from the fact that the newspapers in all parts of the country overflow with advertisements addressed to the ignorance, the fears, and the guilt of transgressors. If your book can diminish the sale of the nostrums offered in those advertisements - still more, if it can put any on their guard against the vices which make such advertisements worth paying for, you will have done a good work."

From The Rev. Henry A. Nelson, D.D.,

Professor of Systematic and Pastoral Theology, Lane Seminary, Cincinnati, Ohio.

"You have treated an important subject with great wisdom and fidelity. I could wish every young person to receive early the valuable - shall I not say necessary ? - instruction which it contains."

From Prof. William G. Williams,

Leavenworth, Kansas. "The spirit of candor and delicacy as well as the high moral tone and profound reverence for the sacred mysteries both of our physical organization and of the teachings of the Bible, everywhere apparent in the work, are worthy of all praise. Not less remarkable are the ability, learning, and professional skill of the author displayed in the treatment of the various topics discussed."

From The Rev. C. P. Sheldon", D.D.,

President of the New York Baptist Convention,

Pastor of the Fifth Baptist Church,

Troy, N. Y.

"I have read attentively the advance sheets of the work by Dr. Napheys, entitled 'The Transmission of Life.' The subjects of which it treats are of great importance; and I am much pleased with the careful, candid, and able manner in which Dr. Napheys discusses them. The public need just such information, and in this work it is so imparted, that it cannot but be healthful and salutary. In moral and reli-gious tone it is unexceptionable. I earnestly recommend its publication and circulation."

From Noah Porter, D.D., Ll.D.,

President of Tale College.

Dr. Geo. H. Napheys-

Dear Sir : I thank you for a copy of your work on "The Transmission of Life." There is in it much valuable information, carefully considered and industriously collected. The topics -of greatest delicacy - are treated with all possible refinement, while the much-needed warnings concerning the offences against nature, which are practised in ignorance • by many, and with shamelessness by others, are faithfully administered. Very respectfully,