Ply-Rods and Ply-Tackle. Suggestions as to their Manufacture and Use. By Henry P. Wells. Illustrated. Square 8vo, Cloth, $2 50.

The book is one of great value, and will take its place as a standard authority, and we cannot commend it too highly.-Forest and Stream, New York.

An illustrated volume, elegantly presented, that will make all anglers jealous of possession until upon their shelf or centre-table.-Boston Commonwealth.

Mr. Wells's competence to expound the somewhat intricate principles and delicate processes of fly-fishing will be plain to any reader who himself has some practical acquaintance with the art discussed. The value of the author's instructions and suggestions is signally enhanced by their minuteness and lucidity. - N. Y. Sun.

The American Salmon-Fisherman. By Henry P. Wells. Ill'd. Square 8vo, Cloth, $1 00.

The success of Mr. Wells's "Fly-Rods and Fly-Tackle" has made his name familiar to thousands of American anglers. "The American Salmon-Fisherman," like the former work, is the fruit of the author's long experience and practical knowledge of this subject. The text is illustrated throughout.-Boston Traveller.

A practical, interesting guide to the sport of salmon-fishing. The tyro will read it through profitably; the old hand will not be offended by it as too elementary. The author is alert and companionable. - Atlantic Monthly, Boston.

Published by HARPER & BROTHERS, New York.

Either of the above works will be sent by mail, postage prepaid, to any part of the United States, Canada, or Mexico, on receipt of the price.