Upland and Meadow. A Poaetquissings Chronicle. By Charles C. Abbott, M.D. 12mo, Cloth, $1 50.

Delightful reading for students and lovers of outdoor nature .... Here the author discourses with the greatest charm of style about wood and stream, marsh-wrens, the spade-foot toad, summer, winter, trumpet-creepers and ruby throats, September sunshine, a colony of grakles, the queer little dwellers in the water, and countless other things that the ordinary eye passes without notice .... The book may be heartily commended to every reader of taste, and to every admirer of graceful and nervous English.-Saturday Evening Gazette, Boston.

"Waste-Land "Wanderings. By Charles C. Abbott, M.D. 12mo, Cloth, $150.

There is a freshness about his anecdotes of fishes and birds, and his descriptions of unfamiliar scenery, that must make the book delightful to every lover of similar sports. To those who have not the leisure nor the enterprise for similar expeditions the reading of it will charm many an idle hour, besides imparting in the most agreeable manner possible a large fund of interesting information. -St. Louis Republican.

It is a charming book, introducing the reader to the interesting guests and dwellers in the forests, upon the downs, and by the river-side. All lovers of nature will find an abundant source of instruction and pleasure in it. - Zioris Herald, Boston.

Published by HARPER & BBOTHERS, NewYork.

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