Referee Has Jurisdiction of Each Section.


(a) The game shall be played upon a rectangular field, 330 feet in length and 160 feet in width, enclosed by heavy white lines marked in lime upon the ground. The lines at the two ends shall be termed goal lines. The side lines shall extend beyond their points of intersection with the goal line. The goal shall be placed in the middle of each goal line, and shall consist of two upright posts exceeding 20 feet in height and placed 18 feet 6 inches apart, with horizontal cross-bar 10 feet from the ground.


(b) The game shall be played by two teams of eleven men each.


(c) The officials of the game shall be a Referee, an Umpire and a Linesman.


(d) The foot ball used shall be of leather, enclosing an inflated rubber bladder. The ball shall have the shape of a prolate spheroid.

NOTE - It is desirable to have two stop-watches for the timekeepers, a whistle for the referee and a horn or a bell of. some kind for the umpire, in order to distinguish his call from that of the referee. It is also desirable to have the Held marked off with white lines every 5 yards, parallel to the goal line, for measuring the 5 yards to be gained in 3 downs, and to provide two light poles about 6 feet in length and connected at the lower ends by a stout cord or chain exactly 5 yards long. In addition to this the field should be marked off with white lines 5 yards apart, parallel to side lines, in order to assist the officials in judging whether the first man who receives the ball crosses the scrimmage line a sufficient distance from where the ball zvas put in play. Instead of having those lines continuous it may be sufficient to mark only the cross lines above named at the points where they are crossed by these lines.

In measuring, the forward point of the ball, in its position when declared dead, not its center, shall be taken as the determining point.