Referee Has Jurisdiction.


(a) A Scrimmage takes place when the holder of the ball places it upon the ground and puts it in play by kicking it forward or snapping it back. The scrimmage does not end until the ball is again declared dead.

The ball is always put in play from a scrimmage, except in cases where other specific provision is made by the rules.

NOTE - Snapping the ball means putting it back by means of hand or foot with one quick or continuous motion from its position on the ground.

Suggestion. - The defensive center must always be on the alert and watch that the opposing center does not have an opportunity to put the ball in play by kicking it through his position.

Referee Has Jurisdiction. Feint to Snap the Ball.

(b) If, after the snapper-back has taken his position, he should voluntarily move the ball as if to snap it, whether he withholds it altogether or only momentarily, the ball is in play, and the scrimmage has begun.

Umpire Has Jurisdiction.

Snapper-back Off-side.

(c) When snapping the ball back, the player so doing must be on-side, the hand or foot used in snapping the ball excepted. (Rule 10.)

Referee Has Jurisdiction.

(d) If any player of the side in possession of the ball other than the snapper-back makes any deliberate attempt, by a false start or otherwise, to draw the opponents off-side, the ball, if then snapped, shall not be regarded as in play nor the scrimmage as begun.