Kicking is one of the most interesting features of football. To attain success in this department of the game requires considerable skill. One cannot become proficient as a kicker without constant and careful practice. The oval shape of the ball requires that it be dropped to the foot at the proper angle and time.

The value of a good and reliable kicker to a team cannot be estimated. The difference between two good teams, which gives one the victory over the other, is often the difference in the abilities of its kickers.

Three kinds of kicks are used in football: The punt, drop and place kicks. Six illustrations accompany this chapter; three of them show the proper form to use in punting. Of these, one shows how to hold the ball so that it may be dropped to the foot in the proper manner. Another demonstrates just how the ball should reach the foot, at what distance from the ground and just how far it should be out in front of the body. The other one shows how the kick should be finished.

Two of the other pictures show the form for proficiency in place kicking, one giving the proper position just before the kick, and the other just after the kick is started. The last illustration shows the best and easiest manner of holding the ball before dropping it to the ground for a drop kick.