The hour of starting practice should be the same all through the season. Do not have practice too soon after the meal time. Work must be exacted in all kinds of weather, as the day of the game may be just as bad as the practice afternoon, and the game must be played. The work will not hurt the men and they will become accustomed to playing in all kinds of weather. Care should be taken on bad days, however, that players do not get too warm, only to stand around and cool off quickly. Blankets or sweaters should be thrown around the men when they are not working.

The meal hours should be regular and all the men should be present at the same time. This is a rule, the breaking of which should not be tolerated for an instant. The same regularity should be observed in the hour at which the men retire at night and rise in the morning. Plenty of sleep is needed. The player should be methodical in all his habits. The men must not be permitted to smoke or use alcohol in any form.