Referee Has Jurisdiction of Each Section (except as relates to positions of players and interference).

Try-At-Goal By Place-Kick

(a) If the try be a place-kick, a player on the side which has made the touchdown shall hold the ball for another of his side to kick at some point outside the goal on a line parallel to the side line passing through the point where the touchdown was declared. The opponents must remain behind their goal line until the ball has been placed upon the ground. The referee shall signal with his hand when the ball is placed on the ground.

Punt-out Preceding Try-at-goal.

(b) If the try-at-goal is to be preceded by a punt-out, the punter shall kick the ball from the point at which the line parallel to the side-line, and passing through the spot of the touchdown, intersects the goal line. The players of his side must stand in the field of play not less than 5 yards from the goal line.

Positions Of Players At Punt-Out

The opponents may line up anywhere on the goal line except within the space of 15 feet on each side of the punter's mark, but they shall not interfere with the punter. If a fair catch is made from a punt-out, the mark shall serve to determine the positions as the mark of any fair catch, and the try-at-goal shall then be made by a place-kick from this spot, or any point directly behind it. If a fair catch is not made on the first attempt the ball shall go as a kick-off at the center of the field to the defenders of the goal.

Defending Side May Charge

NOTE - Since the defending team is- on-side, they may, of course, charge as soon as the ball is kicked and try to get the ball or interfere with the cctch.

Holder Of Ball May Be Off-Side

(c) The holder of the ball and no other player in a place-kick from a fair catch or touchdown may be off-side or out of bounds without vitiating the kick.