For many years the annual games between the elevens representing the United States government's military and. naval schools have created great interest in football circles Both at West Point and Annapolis teams have been main- tained since the early history of the game and the annual. contest, which is played on the Saturday following Thanksgiving, is always one of the athletic events of the year.

In spite of the relatively small number of men in at- tendance at each of the government schools, the high class of their students permits of the gathering of a very formidable eleven in each institution and the games annually compare very favorably in skill with any played by the larger university teams. Both teams regularly play preliminary contests with many of the larger schools and the West Point schedule has long been considered the most formidable of any eleven in the country.

Generally speaking, West Point plays the Yale style of game and Annapolis the Princeton system. Most of the coaches of the respective teams have been drawn from these two institutions, Yale men having had charge almost invariably at West Point, while such Princeton stars of former years as Cochran and Edwards have had charge of the Annapolis teams.

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