The elevens from the University of Chicago have always been prominent contenders for honors on the western gridirons. While Chicago's universal rival has always been Michigan, and these schools have maintained football relations ever since the founding of Chicago, the teams from, the latter instituion have always taken part in the sectional rivalry which exists with Illinois and Northwestern, besides keeping up an intermittent alliance with Wisconsin and the University of Minnesota.

Chicago alumni recount with pride the deeds of such football heroes as Herschberger, Kennedy, Hammill, Sla-ker, Sheldon, Henry and Speik.

Coached throughout Chicago's entire athletic history by Alonzo A. Stagg, her elevens have developed a versatility on attack which has always been remarkable. The famous "whoa back" play is a portion of the offense and a general shifting formation in the various plays is always in evidence.

No particular form of defense characterizes Chicago, judged from a basis of the method of play of its various elevens, but the defense generally includes a combination of three men back of the line, shifting to two as the style of attack of the opponents shows to be necessary.

Chicago's teams have also been famous almost every year for the possession of some member with remarkable ability at punting and securing goals from the field.

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