The style of defense used depends largely on the style of attack of the opponents. The position on the field of play will govern largely the disposition of men and their duties on the defense. The conditions of the ground must not be overlooked. When the ground is wet and slippery it is almost impossible to run the ends, who can then be played in close to the tackles and the tackles in more toward the guards.

The modern system of defense receives almost as much attention as the offense. The great variety of attack now in use in the different schools and colleges of the country demands that the defense be arranged for the best manner of stopping the attack. Under the chapter on "Defense" will be shown and explained the best and most effective formations for defense now used. There should be a system of signals for the defense just as much as there is for the attack.

The defense against kicks and the duties of the individuals and the team as a whole are fully explained under the head of "Punting."