Hurry up.

Hurry up and be the first man to line up. -Hurry all the time; football is not a slow or lazy man's game.

Hurry up; football is a game of hurry, hurry, hurry.

Hurry up if you are behind in any play. Then is the time you need most to hurry.

Hurry up and get into every play. Football is played by eleven men. Spectators are not wanted on the field; their place is in the grand stand.

Hurry up and be the first man down the field on a punt or kick-off.

- Hurry up and help your own runner with the ball; never let him go it alone.

Hurry up and follow the ball. No one can play the game unless he is with the ball all the time.

Hurry up and fall on every fumble, either by your own side or an opponent. This is very important. Hurry up and block your man hard when you should block.

Hurry up when given the ball for a gain. You must hurry or the opponents will be all over you in an instant.

Hurry up and learn the signals. You cannot play a fast game unless you know them instantly. Hurry up and learn to control your temper. If you cannot do this you had better quit the game.

Hurry up when you are about to be tackled. Put on more "go." Don't slow up, for this is the time of all others when you need all your speed.

Hurry up and do not talk unless you are the captain or the quarter back. You are in the game to act. Hurry up and do as your coach and trainer advise you. If you know more about the game than they do, it is time for you to quit.

Hurry up and always block your inside man if you are playing on the line of scrimmage.

Hurry up and get versatile. Do not be a machine player in your individual position.

Hurry up when meeting an interference and go into it low. It is so much more easily stopped.

Hurry up and stop every play of the opponents before it gets started. Tear through and get the runner behind the opponents' line. Never wait for him.

Hurry up and tackle the runner. Do not expect anyone else to do it. See to it that you throw him toward his own goal.

Hurry up and score in the first few minutes of the game, before your opponents realize what is going on.

Hurry up and line up the instant that the ball is dead. The delay of one man in taking his place will completely ruin fast play.

Hurry up and line up. The next play cannot start until all are ready.

Hurry up and play football. Do not slug, for slugging prevents any man from playing the team play that he should. You will be kept busy performing your part in the game.

Hurry up even if you are tired; do not slow down. If you cannot stand the pace, get yourself into better condition. Football is a strenuous game.

Hurry up and master the rules of the game. How do you expect to play the game properly if you are not familiar with the rules? Lots of company in this fault is no excuse for you.

Hurry up and be on time for practice and all other meetings of the players. If you cannot be there promptly, turn in your suit. You do not have the proper interest.

Hurry up and obey the decisions of the officials. They and not you have been selected to run the game.

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Looking forward - the future half back.