Referee Has Jurisdiction of Each Section.

Ball Is Dead

The ball is Dead:

(a) Whenever the referee blows his whistle or declares a down.

(b) Whenever the referee has declared that a down, touchdown, touchback, safety or goal has been made.

(c) When a fair catch has been heeled.

(d) When it has been downed after going out of bounds.

(e) When the ball goes out of bounds after a kick before touching a player who is on-side.

If the umpire signals a foul, the play continues until the ball is dead under some of the above provisions, when the referee must enforce the penalty called for by the umpire's decision. The side offended may, however, refuse to accept the penalty.

NOTE - (a) Should the ball strike an official it is not regarded as dead, but play continues exactly as if the ball had not touched him.

(b) No play can be made when the ball is dead, except to put it in play according to rule.