Refekee Has Jurisdiction of Each Section.

Length Of Game

(a) The length of the game shall be 70 minutes, divided into two halves of 35 minutes each, exclusive of time taken out. There shall be ten minutes intermission between the two halves.

NOTE - The game may be of shorter duration by mutual agreement between the captains of the contesting teams.


Whenever the commencement of a game is so late that, in the opinion of the referee, there is any likelihood of the game being interfered with by darkness, he shall, before play begins, arbitrarily shorten the tzuo halves to such length as shall insure two equal halves being completed, and shall notify both captains of the exact time thus set. Hither side refusing to abide by the opinion of the referee on this point shall forfeit the game.

Final Score

(b) The game shall be decided by the final score at the end of the two halves.

Time Called At End Of A Half

(c) Time shall not be called for the end of a half until the ball is dead, and in case of a touchdown, the try-at-goal shall be allowed.

Time Taken Out

(d) Time shall be taken out whenever the game is unnecessarily delayed or while the ball is being brought out for a try-at-goal, kick-out, or kick-off, or when play is for any reason suspended by the referee. Time shall be taken out after a fair catch. Time shall begin again when the ball is actually put in play.

NOTE - Time is not to be taken out when the ball goes out of bounds except in case of unreasonable delay in returning the ball to play.

No Delay Longer Than Two Minutes

Penalty, five yards for any unnecessary delay. Refusing to play within two minutes after ordered by referee to do so shall forfeit the game.

(e) No delay arising from any cause whatsoever shall continue more than two minutes. Any unreasonable delay shall be penalized under Rule 28 (A and D), and persistent delay shall be penalized as provided for in Penalties - D.