Referee Has Jurisdiction.

Beginning Of Game And Of Second Half

(a) The captains of the opposing teams shall toss up a coin before the beginning of a game, and the winner of the toss shall have his choice of goal or kick-off. If the winner of the toss selects the goal, the loser must take the kick-off. The ball shall be kicked off at the beginning of each half, the kick-off at the beginning of the second half being made by the side that did not first kick off at the beginning of the game. The teams shall change goals after every try-at-goal following a touchdown, and after every goal from the .field, and the side just scored upon shall have the option of kicking off or of having their opponents kick off. At the beginning of the second half the teams shall take opposite goals from those assumed at the beginning of the first half.

Referee Has Jurisdiction. Ball Kicked Out of Bounds at Kick-off.


(b) At kick-off, if the ball goes out of bounds before it is touched by an opponent, it shall be brought back and kicked off again. If it is kicked out of bounds a second time it shall go as a kick-off to the opponents. If either side thus forfeits the ball twice, it shall go to the opponents, who shall put it in play by a scrimmage at the center of the field.

Referee Has Jurisdiction. Ball Kicked Across Goal Line at Kick-off.

(c) At kick-off, or at any other time, if the ball is kicked across the goal line and is there declared dead when in the possession of one of the side defending the goal, it is a touchback. If the ball is not declared dead, the side defending the goal may run with it or kick it exactly as if it had not crossed the goal line. If it is declared dead thus in possession of the attacking side, provided that the man was on-side, it is a touchdown.

Umpire Has Jurisdiction.

Position of Opponents at Kick-out and Kick From Fair Catch.

(d) At kick-off and on a punt or drop-kick from a fair catch, the opposite side must stand at least 10 yards in front of the ball until it is kicked. On a kick-out, the opposite side cannot stand nearer the goal than the 25-yard line, except on a kick-out made after a try at field goal from scrimmage upon a first down inside the 25-yard line, when the 10-yard line is the restraining mark. [See Rule 23, exception.]